What we do

Salina Bookshelf, founded in 1994 is an independent publisher of multicultural materials which includes textbooks, children’s picture books, children’s chapter books, informational texts, reference books, audio books and language learning materials. We specialize in dual language books in Navajo/English and Hopi/English, as well as textbooks used to teach Navajo language in schools.

Authentic depictions of Navajo life, both contemporary and traditional, are portrayed throughout the entire collection of materials offered.  These resources have broad appeal in classrooms, adult centers, libraries, and homes to teach the Navajo language and culture.


Our Authors and Illustrators



  • Randlett Keedah
  • Emmett Navakuku
  • Bahe Whitethorne Jr.
  • Peterson Yazzie
  • Johnson Yazzie
  • Billy Whitethorne
  • Baje Whitethorne  Sr.
  • Ryan Huna Smith
  • Beverly Blacksheep
  • Kendrick Benally
  • Linda Taylor
  • Keith Smith
  • Irving Toddy
  • Ryan Singer
  • Patrick S. Begay
  • Rudy Begay
  • Verna Clinton
  • Helen Lau Running – photographs


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