Author archive for Tyler Mitchell

  • Aug032017

    The 2017 Emerging Diné Writers’ Institute

    On July 13th to July 14th,  I participated in the Emerging Diné Writers’ Institute in Crownpoint, NM. The institute was…

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  • Jul262017

    Navajo Traditional Storytelling

    Traditional storytelling has been the educational tool for the Navajo people from the beginning. Every time a story is told…

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  • Jul192017

    2017 New Mexico Native American Art and Culture Adoption

    Our Salina Bookshelf Native American materials are now available in the NMPED Instructional Materials Bureau. They are listed on the…

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  • Jul062017

    Navajo Language Courses Fall 2017

    Northern Arizona University NAV 101 First Year Navajo NAV 201 Second Year Navajo Inez Nez Inez Nez Arizona State University…

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  • Jun262017

    Navajo Clans

    Understanding the Clan System is crucial to understanding who you are as a Navajo individual. K’é refers to the establishment…

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  • Jun132017

    A Conversation with Daniel Vandever

    Fall in Line, Holden! follows Holden, a young Navajo boy, through his day at boarding school. Although Holden is required…

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  • Jun072017

    Remembering the Navajo Treaty of 1868

    Thursday, June 1st marked the anniversary of the Navajo Treaty of 1868. The Treaty allowed the Navajo people to return home…

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  • May182017

    Salina Bookshelf Summer Reading List 2017

      Here is a list of Salina Bookshelf published books that we recommend for reading over Summer 2017. Ranging from…

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