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  • Daniel Vandever Indigenous Peoples’ Day Reading

      On Indigenous Peoples’ Day, October 10th, Salina Bookshelf hosted an online reading and discussion of Daniel Vandever’s two award winning books Fall in Line, Holden! and Herizon! Fall in Line, Holden! follows Holden, a young Navajo boy, through his day at boarding school. Holden’s vivid imagination transforms his commonplace surroundings into a world of discovery and delight. Named a…

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  • Fall 2022 Navajo Language Courses

    Here is a list of Navajo Language courses taught in the Spring 2022 semester. These are subject to change. If you know of any universities that aren’t listed here or other classes outside of university that teach Navajo, please let us know in the comment section below! We also offer some Navajo Language Learning resources. You can find the link…

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  • Three Sheep, Little Woman Warrior, Johonaa’ei and Keeping the Rope Straight back in stock!

    We’re excited to announce that The Three Little Sheep, Little Woman Warrior Who Came Home, and Keeping the Rope Straight: Annie Dodge Wauneka’s Life of Service to the Navajo are now available in paperback! Learn more about each title and shop below! Dzání Yázhí Naazbaa’: Little Woman Warrior Who Came Home Written and Translated by Evangeline Parsons Yazzie. Illustrated by Irving…

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