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  • Fall 2019 Navajo Language Courses

    Here is a list of Navajo Language courses taught in the Fall 2019 semester. Of course these are subject to change. If you know of any universities that aren’t listed here or other classes outside of university that teach Navajo, we’d love to know! We also offer some Navajo Language Learning resources. You can find the link to those HERE.…

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  • Evangeline Parsons Yazzie Radio Interview

    On Thursday July 25th, Evangeline Parsons Yazzie, author of the Her Land, Her Love series, was featured in the “July Book of the Month” episode by Native America Calling. “Native America Calling is a live call-in program linking public radio stations, the Internet and listeners together in a thought-provoking national conversation about issues specific to Native communities. Each program engages noted…

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  • Summer 2019 Reading List

    As class comes to an end and summer approaches it is always our pleasure to suggest some books that would help make summer that much better for readers of all ages. Whether to set the tone for the summer season or to let others know that it’s time to let loose here is Salina Bookshelf’s 2019 Summer Reading List. Click…

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