Native America Calling Radio Interview – Salina Bookshelf 2020 Calendar

Native America Calling Radio Interview – Salina Bookshelf 2020 Calendar
January 17, 2020 Tyler Mitchell
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It is time to introduce the new year and what better way to do it than with Salina Bookshelf’s 2020 Calendar. Filled with artwork and images taken straight from the books we sell, the 9 x 12 inch calendar will help you keep track of the year with Navajo and English translations of each Month and day. The artists included in this year’s calendar are Baje Whitethorne, Sr., Bahe Whitethorne Jr., Irving Toddy, Emmett Navakuku, Johnson Yazzie, Peterson Yazzie, Billy Whitethorne, Daniel W. Vandever, and Corey Begay.

Native America Calling, a branch of National Public Radio that highlights Indigenous issues from Albuquerque, New Mexico, hosted an interview with Navajo author Dr. Evangeline Parsons Yazzie and Navajo artist Baje Whitethorne Sr.

Host of Native America Calling Tara Gatewood and Dr. Evangeline Parsons Yazzie discuss the months and the significance of their Navajo translations as well as the significance of moon cycles. Baje Whitethorne Sr. discusses a bit of inspiration behind the art that is included in the calendar.

Native America Calling is an incredible show that highlights indigenous topics and issues. They have highlighted numerous authors of Salina Bookshelf in the past including Rex Lee Jim, Daniel Vandever, and Dr. Evangeline Parsons Yazzie. Links to each of these interviews will be provided below as well as links the 2020 calendar product page where you can purchase and the calendar interview.

You can purchase a copy of the calendar at

Check out Native America Calling and listen to more of their wonderful interviews at

Listen to the 2020 Calendar interview below.

Evangeline Parsons Yazzie Interview “Her Enemy Her Love” – Dr. Evangeline Parsons Yazzie discusses the emergence and ongoing writing process of her powerful novel series with the release of book two titled “Her Enemy, Her Love”.

Evangeline Parsons Yazzie Interview “Her Captive, Her Love and Their Land , Their Love” – Dr. Evangeline Parsons Yazzie talks with Tara Gatewood about the last two novels in her powerful Long Walk series. History and culture of the Diné are discussed in this interview and the author hints at new future projects.

Daniel Vandever Interview “Fall in Line, Holden!” – Daniel W. Vandever talks with Tara Gatewood about his new children’s picture book Fall in Line, Holden! and the significance of culture, language, and representation in children’s literature.

Rex Lee Jim Interview “Saad Lá Tah Hózhóón: A Collection of Diné Poetry” – Former Navajo Nation Vice President and Poet Rex Lee Jim talks about his new book Saad Lá Tah Hózhóón A Collection of Diné Poetry.

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