Spring 2020 Navajo Language Courses

Spring 2020 Navajo Language Courses
November 19, 2019 Tyler Mitchell
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Here is a list of Navajo Language courses taught in the Spring 2020 semester. These are subject to change. If you know of any universities that aren’t listed here or other classes outside of university that teach Navajo, we’d love to know! We also offer some Navajo Language Learning resources. You can find the link to those HERE.

Northern Arizona University

  • NAV 101 First Year Navajo
  • NAV 102 First Year Navajo
  • NAV 202 Second Year Navajo
  • NAV 497 Independent Study
  • Inez Nez
  • Inez Nez
  • Inez Nez
  • Inez Nez

Arizona State University

  • AIS 194 Beginning Navajo II
  • AIS 394 Intermediate Navajo II
  • Jolyanna Begay-Kroupa
  • Jolyanna Begay-Kroupa

University of Arizona

  • AIS 104B Beginning Navajo
  • AIS 204B Intermediate Navajo
  • Aresta Tsosie-Paddock
  • Aresta Tsosie-Paddock

Coconino Community College

  • NAV 102 Beginning Navajo II
  • Jerry Kien

Dine College

  • NAV 101 Nav as a 2nd Lang
  • NAV 102 Nav as a 2nd Lang
  • NAV 201 Intermediate Nav for Non Native Speakers
  • NAV 202 Adv. Intermediate Navajo 2nd Language
  • NAV 211 Navajo Literacy I
  • NAV 212 Navajo Literacy and Grammar for Speakers
  • NAV 231 Medical Terminology
  • NAV 240 Navajo Public Speaking
  • NAV 389 Navajo Linguistics
  • NAV 391 Navajo Description and Narrative
  • Martha A. Austin Garrison, Jerry Kien, Thomas Littleben
  • Roger P. Benally, Jerry Kien, Thomas LittleBen
  • Roger P. Benally
  • Roger P. Benally, Jerry Kien
  • Martha A. Austin Garrison, Roger P. Benally
  • Martha A. Austin Garrison
  • Martha A. Austin Garrison
  • Martha A. Austin Garrison
  • Thomas Littleben
  • Thomas Littleben

Navajo Technical University (Crownpoint)

  • NAV 102 Intro to Navajo Language
  • NAV 302 Intermediate Navajo Language (Writing)
  • NAV 402 Advanced Navajo Language
  • S. Nelson
  • P. Pablo
  • Dr. Platero

Navajo Technical University (Chinle)

  • NAV 1110 Navajo Language Non Speakers
  • Valencia Begay

Navajo Technical University (TEEC NOS POS)

  • NAV 1110 Intro to Navajo Language (Conversation)
  • Tom Warren

University of New Mexico

  • NAVA 1110  Navajo I
  • NAVA 1120  Navajo II
  • NAVA 1150 Navajo Medical
  • NAVA 2120 Intermediate Navajo II
  • Dolly Manson
  • Dolly Manson
  • Esther Yazzie Lewis
  • Dolly Manson 

University of New Mexico (Online)

  • NAVA 1110 Navajo I
  • Jalon Begay

University of New Mexico (Gallup)

  • NAVA 1110 Navajo I
  • Carolene Whitman

San Juan College 

  • NAVA 1110 Navajo I
  • NAVA 1120 Navajo II
  • Manavi, Brown, Silentman-Carr
  • Manavi

San Juan College (Online)

  • NAVA 1110 Navajo I
  • Manavi

University of Utah

  • NAVJO 1020 Beginning Navajo II
  • NAVJO 7300 Graduate Language Study
  • A.B. Shirley
  • A.B. Shirley

The American Academy (online)

  • NAV 110 Navajo Language
  • Online

Stanford University

  • SPECLANG 138C First-Year Navajo
  • J. Begay-Kroupa

Phoenix Indian Center

  • Adult Beginning Navajo language (Diné Bizaad Índa Bóhoo’aah Hóyáanii bá)
  • Adult Intermediate Navajo language (Diné Bizaad Bóhoo’aah)
  • Navajo Literacy (Diné Bizaad Wólta’ dóó Ak’e’elchíh Bóhoo’aah)
  • Intergenerational language and culture (Áłchíní dóó Amá dóó Azhé’é Diné Bizaad Yídahooł’aah)
  • Children’s Navajo language (Áłchíní Diné Bizaad Yíhooł’aah)
  • Early Childhood Navajo language (Áłchíní Yázhí Diné Bizaad Yíhooł’aah)
  • Dine Culture (Diné K’ehgo Hane’ dóó Na’nitin)
  • Navajo Singing Class

Mesa Community College

  • NAV 115 Beginning Navajo Conversation I
  • Arlene Old Elk

South Mountain Community College

  • NAV 115 Beginning Navajo Conversation I
  • Staff

Northland Pioneer College – All Campuses

  • LAN 172 Navajo II
  • Sylvia Jackson

Comments (3)

  1. Hello,

    I know how to speak Navajo but don’t know how to read and write but need to learn how, is there a class where I can take by itself instead of taking a full load of other classes?

    Please let me know. Thank you.

    • Author
      Tyler Mitchell 3 years ago


      Thank you for your question. I would have a look at Navajo Technical University listed above. If you look at NAV 302 Intermediate Navajo Language, the class focuses on writing. I’m sure they will allow you to take the class by itself, however, you may have to attend an entire semester for the class. If you’re looking for a shorter term I would ask Dine College and Navajo Technical University if they hold Navajo Language Immersion Camps during the summer, and if they do, ask if they study reading and writing.

      There are more resources out there and I hope this helps in your search.
      Have a great day.

  2. Anthony Albo 3 years ago

    Hello, just wondering if there are any courses in the Seattle Washington Area that you know of? I would love to learn my native language, my grandpa would be proud, Thank you so much

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