Summer 2019 Reading List

Summer 2019 Reading List
April 26, 2019 Tyler Mitchell
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As class comes to an end and summer approaches it is always our pleasure to suggest some books that would help make summer that much better for readers of all ages. Whether to set the tone for the summer season or to let others know that it’s time to let loose here is Salina Bookshelf’s 2019 Summer Reading List. Click on the book titles as they appear in the blog to access the product page.

Her Land, Her Love Series

How can we ever leave this series off any list? This novel series which started off with Her Land, Her Love is a work of passion and a culmination of stories about families during the Long Walk. This historical fiction series holds in it language and culture of the past that reconnect readers to the land and their origins. This series is perfect for any summer list. Her land, Her Love is an American Indian Library Association Young Adult Honor Book for 2016. Evangeline Parsons Yazzie will be attending the Heard Museum’s Second Saturday event on May 11th from 10am to 4pm.

Her Enemy, Her Love Interview with Native America Calling

Salina Bookshelf Podcast with Evangeline Parsons Yazzie

Her Land, Her Love Audio


Listen to Evangeline Parsons Yazzie read Her Land, Her Love in this audiobook. Perfect for all those traveling during the summer missing home and the language.

Listen to Chapter One For Free

Saad Lá Tah Hózhóón A Collection of Diné Poetry


Salina’s first poetry book is perfect for any reader yearning to learn the language. Written first in Navajo and translated into English this collection will help any reader connect to the culture, land, and language. Listen to poet Rex Lee Jim talk about his poetry collection in this hour-long Radio interview with Native America Calling.

Rex Lee Jim Native America Calling Interview

Fall in Line, Holden!


With summer around the corner get ready to fall out of line with Holden, a young Navajo boy who uses his imagination to fill his strict boarding school experience with wonder and excitement.

Fall in Line, Holden! is an American Indian Library Association Children’s Picture Book Honor Book for 2018. Learn more about why this book has been so powerful with critics and fans. Amongst those, Dr. Debbie Reese. (Interview with Daniel W. Vandever is included). Listen to author and illustrator Daniel W. Vandever talk about his first Children’s picture book and how he plans to spread the need for creativity in his community.

American Indians in Children’s Literature Review

Daniel W. Vandever Native America Calling Interview

Salina Bookshelf Interview with Daniel W. Vandever

Beauty Beside Me Stories of My Grandmother’s Skirts

This children’s picture book displays the beauty of our grandmothers’ skirts. Nothing sparks summer vibes like reminiscing on the many ways our grandmothers take care of the family. In the Navajo culture, grandmothers and grandfathers serve as the first teachers. Author Seraphine G. Yazzie vividly recalls the teachings of her grandmother in this uplifting story. Children will identify with many of the activities which include making delicious fry bread, picking tasty pinon nuts and weaving beautiful rugs.

As the story unfolds, Grandmother is seen wearing different colored skirts for each activity. Grandmother’s skirts symbolize a reservoir of kindness and love extended to her family and all those around her. Renowned painter, Baje Whitethorne Sr. illustrates each scene brilliantly capturing the magic shared between grandmother and granddaughter.

Baby Board Books

Baby board books are great for first time readers. With beautiful illustrations that would make any bookshelf look great and cardboard material which make them durable, these are the perfect gift for any household. Take a closer look at the colorful illustrations of the Hopi baby board books which highlight corn and the various toys Hopi children grow up with. The Hopi books are illustrated by Emmett Navakuku and written by Anita Poleahla. Expose your little ones to the seasonal teachings and blessings with Baby Learns About Seasons by Beverly Blacksheep.


Turkey and Giant


Created by Nedra Emery and Verna Clinton this a great book for kids in the summer. Witness Giant go head to head with Turkey who ends up meeting with the all-powerful Horned Toad. Avengers Endgame could never!

We hope you have a great summer and please do share this list wherever you can. If you have your own book list for the summer share that list in the comments below!

Words and pictures by Tyler Mitchell

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