Running With Changing Woman Online Webinar

Running With Changing Woman Online Webinar

Running with Changing Woman Online Reading


On Wednesday, July 19th, Lorinda Martinez read from her new book, Running with Changing Woman and had a conversation with Salina Bookshelf Editor Tyler Mitchell. The pair discussed the book's plot, characters, the Navajo Womanhood Ceremony and the importance of Navajo youth being represented in Indigenous Literature. This is a video showing short highlights from the free event.

You can watch the full webinar now via YouTube.

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Running with Changing Woman: Samantha is a Navajo girl attending Atsá Mesa Community School on the Navajo Reservation. Her life has seemed pretty average when one day at school her body suddenly changes. As a Diné, Samantha must now prepare for the Diné womanhood ceremony called the Kinaaldá. With her life now filled with more drama than ever before, she’s reluctant to participate in the demanding four-day ceremony. With a whirlwind of new adventures and pep talks from those closest to her, Sam’s family and her two best friends do their best to help Sam deal with bullies, boys, and her new responsibilities as a Diné woman.

About the author: Lorinda Martinez is Lók’aa’ Dine’é (the Reed People Clan) born for Táchii’nii (Red Running into the Water Clan). The Tábąąhí (Water’s Edge Clan) are her maternal grandfathers and the Tódích’íí’nii (Bitter Water Clan) are her paternal grandfathers. She was raised in Pueblo Pintado, New Mexico and Shonto, Arizona. She attended Highlands University in Las Vegas, New Mexico where she earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Education.

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