Anita Poleahla


Anita Poleahla

Anita Poleahla co-founded Mesa Media in 2004. Since 2003, she has taught the Hopi language in the Hopi Public School System, which, in addition to her work as the Hopi Lavayi Curriculum Developer, has provided experience in developing classroom curriculum and teacher training materials. Anita is the first certified Hopi language teacher in the State of Arizona (Arizona Department of Education Hopi K-12). She earned two M.S. degrees in Public Administration and Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University. In 2008, she became an American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) Sequoyah Fellow and presented at the 2008 AISES National Conference in Anaheim, CA. Anita also presented at the Stabilizing Indigenous Languages Symposium in 2009 at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. Anita co-wrote many of the lyrics for the songs on Mesa Media’s learning CDs and consults with several Hopi organizations on Hopi language. Anita was raised in a traditional home at First Mesa and is a fluent Hopi speaker.

Anita has authored two baby board books titled Celebrate My Hopi Toys and Celebrate My Hopi Corn, which are both published by Salina Bookshelf, Inc.

Books by Anita Poleahla

Celebrate My Hopi Corn

“I am a kernel of Hopi corn. I have many sister kernels on my ear of corn. We grow under the warm sun.” Celebrate my Hopi Corn written in Hopi and English by Hopi language teacher Anita Poleahla is the story of how corn is planted, cultivated, harvested and prepared for use in the Hopi home. The colorful illustrations by Hopi artist Emmett Navakuku describe the changing seasons and daily activities in a Hopi village.

Celebrate My Hopi Toys

“We know how to count. One lighting stick. Two dancing sticks” Celebrate my Hopi Toys written in Hopi and English by Hopi language teacher Anita Poleahla introduces counting skills to children ages six with patterned text and colorful illustrations of Hopi toys by Hopi artist Emmett Navakuku.

Bilingual: Hopi and English