A Summer’s Trade


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Every summer day, Tony makes the long drive into Gallup with his mother. He works at the local trading post, and he’s saving all his money to buy something very special: a beautiful, dark leather saddle with nuggets of turquoise laced into the rawhide. If Tony can save enough money to purchase the saddle, he’ll be able to stay home and help his father tend the flocks of sheep and goats.

Just when Tony has almost enough money, everything begins to go wrong. Tony’s uncle breaks his foot, the bills become difficult to pay, and Grandmother pawns her precious silver and turquoise bracelet – the one she has worn since she was a young woman. Then Grandmother becomes ill, and Tony knows he must do something to help out.

But will he be able to sacrifice his own dream to help his family?

This story of hard work and determination will serve as an inspiration to students, and the powerful illustrations will hold the attention of even the most reluctant readers.

Bilingual: Navajo and English

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