Her Land, Her Love Teacher’s Guide

The Her Land, Her Love Student Workbook Teacher’s Guide focuses on the many lessons to be learned from reading the novel Her Land, Her Love by Evangeline Parsons Yazzie Ed.D including pages to aid in teaching. These lessons create a better understanding of Navajo language, Navajo literacy, Navajo culture, Navajo history and the early Navajo political system of the Navajo Long Walk era.

This teacher’s guide is 392-pages in length, available in paperback and is correlated to the Navajo Nation Department of Diné Education Standards.


  • Discuss Navajo culture and traditions before, during and after the era of the Navajo Long Walk.
  • Help students expand on the Navajo and English Language by studying Navajo and English vocabulary word lists taken from the novel, Her Land, Her Love.
  • Use the Goals and Objectives at the beginning of every chapter to aid in creating lesson plans.
  • Use a grading rubric for listening, reading, writing and speaking skills in Navajo.
  • Use a grading rubric for Navajo literacy and Navajo oral language skills.
  • Engage in a learning environment guided by the Navajo Nation Department of Dine Education Standards which include Dine History, Oral Language, Government, Culture and Character Building Standards.