Jóhonaa’éí: Bringer of Dawn (Paperback)

Jóhonaa’éí: Bringer of Dawn (Paperback)


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As Jóhonaa’éí, the sun, slowly rises, his gentle light and warmth wake the inhabitants of the desert. Jóhonaa’éí reaches down into the home of the field mice and lightly tickles the nose of mother mouse; then Jóhonaa’éí visits the burrow of mother and father rabbit to rouse the family of slumbering bunnies. Finally, Jóhonaa’éí knocks on the door of the hogan to wake the Navajo family within. Will there be a welcoming response? Simply and charmingly told, Jóhonaa’éí: Bringer of Dawn promises to delight readers again and again. This story is perfect for reading aloud in your classroom or for incorporating in your science classes.

Bilingual: Navajo and English

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