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Rosetta Stone is a software program for PC or Mac that provides an opportunity to use the Navajo language in real-life simulations and to use speech recognition to check for accuracy. The program matches spoken dialogue and text with photos. When you see a phrase and hear the native speaker you are prompted to choose a matching picture.

Rosetta Stone uses speech analysis to help you evaluate your speech patterns as you repeat after the native speakers. Graphs on the speech analysis screen show speech patterns. To compare your speech to the native speakers speech click the speech analysis icon, listen to the native speaker and watch the voice graph. At the Record prompt speak into the microphone, mimic the native speakers voice and use the graph as a guide. The arc on the Record icon indicates your level of accuracy.

Dr. Ellavina Perkins a member of the Navajo Language Renaissance team says, “Its unbelievable. It brings Navajo language up to date with the world of technology. Trust the method, follow the sequence, give it your best try and work outside the software. Use your new vocabulary to post notes on everyday objects in your office or classroom. Find others with whom you can speak or write Navajo. Recombine words and phrases you’ve learned to form new sentences. Rosetta Stone Navajo creates a world where sound and imagery work together to immerse you in the Navajo language.”

Each box set comes with installation CDs, instructions, and a headset with microphone. Users can install the program on two separate computers with 5 users per computer.

Click here for a free trial version on your computer.

Video: What is Rosetta Stone

Video: Rosetta Stone Navajo

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