What Does “Died” Mean?

Grandmother, when will Grandfather return?

Baa Yázhí, a young Navajo girl, misses her grandfather. One day he had gone to the Trading Post, but then he had never come back. Is he still at the Trading Post? Will he one day come riding up the road? Baa Yázhí is sure that he will, and she watches the road for him.

Grandmother has told Baa Yázhí that Grandfather has died, but Baa Yázhí does not understand the meaning of death. However, by listening to some simple illustrations from Grandmother, Baa Yázhí slowly comes to understand. By the end of the story, Baa Yázhí is reconciled to the loss of her grandfather and can even understand what has happened when the family sheep dog brings home a limp rabbit.


Bilingual: Navajo and English

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