Becoming Miss Navajo: A Conversation with Jolyana Begay Kroupa

Becoming Miss Navajo: A Conversation with Jolyana Begay Kroupa
May 8, 2020 Tyler Mitchell
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On May 7th, Salina Bookshelf held a webinar featuring Executive Editor Tyler Mitchell and Becoming Miss Navajo author Jolyana Begay-Kroupa to talk about the powerful message and experience of the new children’s picture book.

You can watch the webinar below or head to to watch on youtube.

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The Miss Navajo Nation pageant is one of high importance amongst the Navajo Nation. Miss Navajo is a quintessential representation of her culture and serves as an ambassador for her people promoting education, community well-being, and the preservation of language and traditional life ways.

Contestants endure a week-long competition as they are tested on their fluency in Diné Bizaad (Navajo language), demonstrate traditional skills, perform contemporary talents, and engage in food preparation. Surrounded by her family and determined to represent her Navajo people, Jolyana Begay-Kroupa shares her journey to becoming Miss Navajo Nation.

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