Salina Bookshelf Summer Reading List 2017

Salina Bookshelf Summer Reading List 2017
May 18, 2017 Tyler Mitchell
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Here is a list of Salina Bookshelf published books that we recommend for reading over Summer 2017. Ranging from children’s books to adult reads, these books share the storytelling qualities that we here at Salina Bookshelf love and we know you will too!

Fall in Line, Holden!”, our latest release by author and illustrator Daniel W. Vandever, tells the story of a young Navajo student named Holden as he venture’s through boarding school while constantly being told to “fall in line”. Vandever states that the book, “was written with the intention of promoting creative thinking and originality”. The book is definitely capable of encouraging young readers to push boundaries of thinking as well as introducing them to concepts of resilience. As summer is approaching, Holden serves as a great read for youngsters who occasionally “fall out of line”.


Her Land, Her Love” and “Her Enemy, Her Love”, by author Evangeline Parsons Yazzie, tell stories of perseverance instilled within a Navajo family. The first book is told through the eyes of the mother, a concerned and loving woman named Ninaanibaa’. The second is told through the eyes of her own daughters as their family struggles to survive through harsh experiences during the Navajo Long Walk. These books are great for summer reads as Evangeline gives the reader beautiful details about the landscape surrounding Navajo Land but also instills within the reader inspiration and insight of how the Navajo people persevered through history’s most troubling times. If you’re traveling for the summer and need some on-the-road inspiration, the “Her Land, Her Love Audio” is also available!

Keeping the Rope Straight: Annie Dodge Wauneka’s Life of Service to the Navajo”, by author Carolyn Niethammer, details the life of Navajo council delegate Annie Dodge Wauneka. Annie led a life of leadership in fighting against tuberculosis while also trying to bridge the gap between traditional Navajo culture and modern western medicine. Carolyn, through this chapter book filled with historical images documenting Annie’s life, has created an entertaining and inspiring read for young adult readers looking to become strong leaders themselves.

The Keepers of the Windclaw Chronicles, by author Seth Muller and Illustrator Bahe Whitehorne, Jr., is the young adult series about Ellie Tsosie as she interacts with nature through her newly attained magical powers. “The Mockingbird’s Manual”, details Ellie’s discovery of the magic Mocking Bird’s Manual which grants her the ability to engage with the world around her like never before. “The Day of Storms” is the second entry in the series where Ellie begins to use her new abilities to reach out to the Hopi culture to uncover more about her destiny. In “The Great Gathering” we see Ellie conflicted with herself as well others who have helped her in her journey in a great struggle between humankind and nature. Bahe Whitehorne’s illustrations offer a vivid look at the beautiful Navajo scenery. Seth Muller’s storytelling is refreshing amongst the genre of young adult chapter books. This book series is perfect to motivate young adults to “Go outside and enjoy the day” to experience nature with exciting perspective.

The Three Little Sheep”, by author Seraphine G. Yazzie and illustrator Ryan Huna Smith, with Navajo Translations by Peter A. Thomas, brings a cultural twist to a classic children’s tale. Three little sheep are encouraged by their mother to become self-sufficient by living on their own. Coyote, the cultural trickster, hears of this which leads on a journey where the brothers learn to stick together to outwit Coyote. The artwork is striking and filled with color. The translations offer young readers experience in their own language. The story itself is a classic tale of resilience through family efforts as the sheep come together to at last bring Coyote’s trickster ways to an end.



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