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Diné Bizaad Bínáhoo’aah: Rediscovering The Navajo Language

Diné Bizaad Bínáhoo’aah: Rediscovering The Navajo Language

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This 448 page textbook provides a verb-based introduction to the Navajo language for college and secondary students. Students are introduced to the Navajo sound system and the Navajo writing system. Clear explanations of vocabulary and grammar provide students with a solid foundation for building communications skills. Through readings, photos and writing exercises, students broaden their knowledge of geography, history and culture.

Students will rediscover the Navajo language and develop communicative competence with Diné Bizaad Bínáhoo’aah: Rediscovering the Navajo Language:

  • Chapter 1
    The Navajo Alphabet and the Navajo Sound System
  • Chapter 2
    The Navajo Sound System and Navajo Literacy
  • Chapter 3
    Navajo Verbs
  • Chapter 4
    Simple Navajo Sentence Construction
  • Chapter 5
    My Immediate Family
  • Chapter 6
    My Extended Family
  • Chapter 7
    Clan Relationships
  • Chapter 8
    Around the Home
  • Chapter 9
  • Chapter10
    The Body and Names of Parts of the Body
  • Chapter 11
    Cooking and Eating
  • Chapter 12
    Formal Education
  • Chapter 13
  • Chapter 14
    Work and the Work Place
  • Chapter 15
    Navajo Verbs: Future and Perfective Modes
  • Chapter 16
    Numbers, Money, Purchasing, and Counting
  • Chapter 17
    Telling Time
  • Chapter 18
    Navajo Reservation
  • Chapter 19
  • Chapter 20
  • Chapter 21
    Navajo Teachings
  • Chapter 22
    The Cornfield and Working the Cornfield
  • Chapter 23
    Water and the Care of Water
  • Chapter 24
    Navajo Livestock
  • Chapter 25
    Names of the Months and Their Story
  • Chapter 26
    Handling Verbs
  • Chapter 28
    Textures, Shapes, Colors, and Sound Effects
  • Chapter 29
    Navajo Nation Government
  • Chapter 30


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