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Dzání Yázhí Naazbaa': Little Woman Warrior Who Came Home

Dzání Yázhí Naazbaa': Little Woman Warrior Who Came Home

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Dzáníbaa’ is alone when U.S. troops swoop down on her family’s hogan. Before she can run to safety, a soldier grabs her and puts her on his horse. She is taken to Fort Sumner, and from there is forced to walk to Bosque Redondo.
For four long years, Dzáníbaa’ and her family endure incredible hardship and sacrifice. Crops wither. Food is scarce or so tainted that it poisons. Illness strikes. At times there seems no hope of a better future.

Nevertheless, this time of trial gives Dzáníbaa’ a profound sense of herself as a Navajo and of the importance of her culture. As never before, Dzáníbaa’ realizes the significance of the clan system, of the prayers and songs of her people, and of exerting herself to help her family.

Hear Dzáníbaa’’s story, and discover why she is the Little Woman Warrior Who Came Home.

Bilingual: Navajo and English

Little Woman Warrior Who Came Home has won the following Awards:

  • 2006 Children's Choices Book
  • 2006 Notable Children's Social Studies Trade Book
  • 2006 IPPY Award Winner for best Multicultural, Nonfiction Juvenile Book


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