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Running with Changing Woman (Paperback)

Running with Changing Woman (Paperback)

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Samantha is a Navajo girl attending Atsá Mesa Community School on the Navajo Reservation. Her life has seemed pretty average when one day at school her body suddenly changes. As a Diné, Samantha must now prepare for the four-day Diné womanhood ceremony called the Kinaaldá, a ceremony once performed by the Navajo deity, Changing Woman. With a whirlwind of new adventures, Sam’s family and her two best friends do their best to help Sam deal with bullies, boys, and her new responsibilities as a Diné woman.

Ms. Janice rubbed the bracelet with affection and continued, “It was during this ceremony my grandma told me how Changing Woman brought the teachings of k’é, family to the Diné. When my grandma told me that, I understood why she wanted us to have the ceremony. For us Diné, family is life, it’s the start of everything. It’s good that your family is having the ceremony.”

Author Bio

My clans are Lók’aa’ Dine’é (the Reed People) and I am born for Deeschii’nii (Red Streak People). The Tábąąhí (Water’s Edge people) are my cheii’s and the Tódích’íí’nii (Bitter Water people) are my nálí’s. I was raised in Pueblo Pintado, New Mexico and Shonto, Arizona. I attended Highlands University in Las Vegas, New Mexico where I earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Education. I currently live with my husband, son and dogs in the four corners area. I love my job as an educator, working with my people and many more. I feel blessed to be close to my family, working as a teacher, being a mother, wife and now, author. Thank you for being a part of my journey as a new author, I hope you enjoy my work of fiction!


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